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Nokia 9.3 PureView and 7.3 5G coming in November


According to a brand new report by the Nokia computer user (NPU), the Nokia 9.3 PureView flagship can finally launch in November

that’s not the sole Nokia device that HMD international is attending to launch in November, though.

TheNokia 9.3 PureView expected to arrive in November with many different devices

The supply conjointly notes that the Nokia seven.3 5G, and Nokia half dozen.3 are planned for November.

All those devices can arrive throughout identical event, it seems.

we tend to still don’t apprehend the precise date, though.

the Nokia 9.3 PureView flagship

the assembly can begin as before long as that’s over with.

NPU will note that HMD Global’s plans might modification, though.

The supply conjointly notes that HMD international is designing Nokia launches in November / Dec.

So, it looks like we’ll see quite an few Nokia-branded smartphones by the tip of the year.

Nokia 9.3 PureView is arguably the foremost fascinating phone out of the bunch. Why?

Well, that’s the company’s forthcoming flagship, and some way for HMD international to create up for the Nokia nine PureView.

The Nokia nine PureView was, for the foremost half, overwhelming.

It didn’t deliver what users expected within the camera department, whereas it had variety of different problems.

Nokia did improve the device with updates, however it ne’er reached its potential.

The Nokia nine.3 PureView is anticipated to be a substantial improvement over the Nokia nine PureView

The Nokia nine.3 PureView is anticipated to succeed wherever the Nokia nine PureView unsuccessful.

Nokia fans have high hopes for its camera setup, as therefore will we.

The expectations from the ‘PureView’ complete don’t seem to be straightforward to justify.

Now, we tend to don’t have abundant info regarding the device itself, however we are able to assume it’ll be created out of metal and glass.

We’re conjointly expecting very skinny bezels to be enclosed, and possibly a show camera hole, however we’ll see.

Features we will see :

  • The device is anticipated to ship with the flower 865 or flower 865 and.
  • The phone is anticipated to incorporate a minimum of 8GB of RAM, and many of storage.
  • an oversized battery is additionally expected, at the side of quick charging.

We’re not very certain what to expect in terms of the phone’s camera setup, though.

  • The Nokia nine PureView had 5 cameras on the rear, and we’re expecting quite an few of them to be enclosed on this French telephone moreover.
  • The Nokia seven.3 5G, on the opposite hand, leaked the opposite day.
  • That phone also will be created out of metal and glass, and embrace a show camera hole.


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